How to Play Roulette in Vegas Every Time You Visit

How to Play Roulette in Vegas Every Time You Visit

April 10, 2019 10 By Scott Pilgrim

Are you preparing for a brief trip to the most popular gambling capital in the world? While being there, you won’t be bored for a minute. There are many things to do, a lot of ways to have fun, and you shouldn’t miss anything. Well, you might want to skip those wedding chapels that are all over the place, but the one thing you shouldn’t skip is the huge number of shiny, big casinos (if you are of legal age, of course).

That being said, you should contemplate visiting a number of gambling floors and taking pleasure in different games, since the City of Lights will offer you numerous ways to gamble. Following the tone of this website, we will discuss the Las Vegas roulette. Among all of the games, roulette stands out from the crowd because it exudes luxury that befits the venue. The popularity of this game is evidenced by its appearance in many Hollywood movies.

Have you watched that famous scene in “Casablanca” where Rick enters a small casino joint only to ask the guy who seems to be losing everything, “Have you tried 22 tonight?” Well, he didn’t, but the course of the evening took a turn for the better after he bets on number 22. Admittedly, the chances of this character played by the great Humphrey Bogar, helping you in an opulent casino are slim to none. But what you can do is rely on your hunch and hope for the best.

In this article, we’ll show you how to play the Las Vegas roulette. Also, if you’re on a tight budget, we have you covered — we’ll mention the cheap roulette Vegas tables as well. So, if you are not familiar with the game, worry not — by the end of the article, you’ll be throwing the dice and placing bets like a pro.

The Basic Rules

The rules of the game are as simple as possible. It uses a wheel that includes 36 pockets which are either red or black. Also, it has one or two (depending on the type) green spots reserved for a zero. Apart from this, the game boasts a specific kind of the table layout on which you place your roulette chips and hope for the best. The croupier is in charge of the wheel spinning and a ball throwing. After that, everyone patiently waits for it to land and see whether they placed their bets on the winning number. 

Roulette game in Casino Art

The rules of roulette are always the same, but there are three different versions of them you can enjoy while in Las Vegas:

  1. The European variant
  2. The American version
  3. The Triple Zero type

Firstly, the European variant is also known as the Single Zero Roulette. It is called so because it has the single zero wheel with 37 pockets on it — each one of them represents numbers from 1 to 36, whereas one spot is dedicated to, you guessed it, one zero. Mind you, that number is crucial as it works in favor of the house. In other words, if you place an even-money bet (e.g., red-black) that one goes to the house if the ball lands on it. Regardless of this rule, it boasts a house edge that makes other games pale in comparison. The rate of 2.7% encourages many passionate gamblers to play it.

You can find the best roulette to place bets in the town as well — you just need to visit the luxury resorts Encore and MGM. You might be ecstatic to know that some of them grant the minimum bet of $10, but we’ll mention cheap roulette Vegas tables further down the article. At times, it even includes the “La Partage” rule, which further decreases the house advantage to 1.35%. To be specific, you’ll get half of your money back if the wheel spins and the ball lands on the green spot (i.e., the zero). The only requirement is for you to place the even-money bets, and you might increase your odds of winning.

Moving on to the American variant which goes by the name of the Double Zero Roulette. The layout differs a bit in that, instead of one, cheap roulette Vegas has two zero pockets(i.e., zero and double zero) which accounts for the 38th pocket. Logically, this means that the casino’s chances actually increase because they’ll have two additional spots that might help them win. So, the house edge is 5.26%. This is what makes the American Roulette less favored among the player base.

Unlike the rare European variant, you’ll find this one in almost every casino across the Sin City. It’s only natural that they include it instead of the first one. After all, they are running a gambling venue and have to come up with ways in which they can generate profit, and this variant helps them in this mission. But don’t worry, we’re not done with our lesson on how to play roulette in here yet.

After all, Las Vegas wouldn’t be the entertainment and gambling capital of the world if it didn’t incorporate some one-of-a-kind versions of roulette We’re referring to the Triple Zero Roulette, a less known type which you can’t find in your run-of-the-mill online casinos. The Venetian introduced it back in 2016. As its name suggests, it features three zeroes on the wheel. We already said that the rules are the same for any variant you choose. Therefore, they do not differ for this type of roulette either, so you don’t have to worry if this is your first time hearing about it.

We know what you are thinking now — What is the house edge with a three-zero roulette wheel? Well, you won’t be thrilled to find out that it’s 7.69%. This certainly isn’t the best roulette you can find in the city, and we know you are well aware of that now. No wonder they decided to include it! Venetian features two tables of this variant. As with the European version, you can wager as little as $10. In all honesty, everyone’s still waiting for this type to gain momentum.

Types of Bets

Now, when we told you everything about all three types of roulettes, let us quickly show you the bets you can place in the table below.

Inside BetsOutside Bets
Straight-upRed or Black
SplitOdd or Even
StreetHigh or Low
CornerDozen number
Six lineColumn

The Options for Those on a Tight Budget

Budget Money Roll  in Guy HandYes, even the affluent Las Vegas can be a source of entertainment for those who can’t afford to spend too much. Therefore, if you wish to gamble but still not place huge bets, then we’ll mention where you can find the cheapest roulette Vegas table.

Some frequent visitors to this city recommend the Circus Circus Resort and Casino to the low-rollers. Here, they can enjoy their favorite pastime and place the minimum bet of $5. Apart from that one, Excalibur and Luxor also allow you to make the same wager. The latter seems to increase the bets as the night goes on. Some gamblers report that they wagered $5 at 7 pm, but that those joining the game after 8 pm had to pay $10. On the bright side, at least they didn’t change the minimum wager for those who came first.

Lastly, we’re happy to say that $5 isn’t the only minimum amount. You can even come across certain gambling venues that allow you to put $1 or $2 on your selected number or section. As a case in point, we’ll mention El Cortez. If you’re a novice player, here you can learn how to play roulette first-hand. What’s better than grasping the rules on the casino floor?

If you are new to the game, we would highly recommend you remember all of our casino suggestions. You may have enough money to play all night, but you will want to look for a place that will allow you to place bets with a minimum amount of money. Later on, you can easily raise your bets, no need to worry about that.

Get Ready for Your Visit!

As you now know where to find the best roulette (i.e., the European variant), this will elevate your experience. Playing roulette is very entertaining, but keep in mind that sometimes it can get stale. This is why we recommend looking up roulette strategies. Even though they don’t actually work and won’t guarantee you any victory, in most cases, they will bring you fun. It can spice up your gambling experience and bring that missing spark back. So, all we can do is wish you good luck and hope you’ll guess the right outcome and win the money after the wheel spins!

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we are finished with the text we can answer some of your most commonly asked questions, so you would know every little detail about this famous game.

What is the max bet on roulette in Las Vegas?

When we talk about the limits of the bets, we cannot give you a precise answer since each casino has its own table limit maximum. They differ from casino to casino, and trust us, the difference is pretty big. There are casinos that will allow you to place $500 maximum bets, there are also some that will give you the possibility to bet up to $5,000, but there are also some luxury places that will allow you to go up to a couple hundred thousand dollars, which is impressive. So, as a piece of advice, we can tell you to look at all the casinos near your accommodation and to compare max bets. Although, we would never advise you to play with a max bet. Go for less, and stay in the game longer.

How do you win at roulette in Vegas?

Like any other casino game, roulette is a game of chance. That being said, nobody can guarantee you will win, but we can give you some advice that will increase your odds. Try not to play in a casino with a high house edge, since you can lose your money faster that way. You can use the average loss calculator before you start playing, just to see how much can you expect to lose. You should never think that any number or color is due. If one color comes five times in a row, that doesn’t mean that other color will come after that for sure. Nothing is guaranteed in roulette, and you need to remember that. Also, you should never use strategies in order to help you win, because they won’t. Instead, use them for fun and rely on your luck — that is the only thing that can help you win.

What’s the best way to bet on roulette?

The best way for betting is always to place minimum bets. Never go for the maximum allowed, since you could lose your money much faster that way. If it is possible, try to always play European or American roulette, instead of the Triple Zero one (we are sure you understand why). For starters, place even money bets (for example: red or black, odd or even, etc.), later on when you get to know the table and the players, you can move to other bets.

Is there European roulette in Vegas?

Yes, of course. The European version of roulette is the most popular one, and therefore you can find it in every casino. You can also find the other two versions, but, if you want our advice, go for the European one. Next to French, this version offers you the best chances for high winnings. No wonder players like it the most.

How much does it cost to play roulette in Vegas

That depends on you and nobody else. How much money are you willing to give? Set your limits, and that is what it will cost you. Do not allow yourself to go over your limits and spend more money than you planned. We mentioned in the text the casinos that will give you a chance to bet with a little money, so if you are tight on budget, feel free to visit them, and it won’t cost you much.
One thing that can help you with your expenses while playing roulette is an average loss calculator. You can use it before you start playing, and that way you can calculate how much you’re expected to lose.

Where can I play roulette in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is the capital of gambling. Therefore, you can literally play roulette on every corner. There are so many casinos, and almost all of them have their websites, so you can play online too. You can go with the one that is near you, or you can see which one gives you the best betting options based on your budget. You are in the city of gambling, and it won’t be hard to find a place to play roulette, that’s for sure.